a phrase used when something is just so funny there is nothing else to say
"dude, that was hilarious"
"hahaha. too much, too much"
by pseudonym58 January 6, 2010
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1) The characteristic of not being able to "tone down" one's personality. When a situation calls for a relaxed, collected, and in particular, calm manners, a person who is "too much" will show up after ten rounds of tequila-shots and make an excessive number ill-received jokes that s/he stole from Comedy Central Present's not being able to chill the fuck out; or 2) not being able to chill the fuck out
i.e., Philip is "too much" man, I can't fucking stand to be around him before noon, or after 8pm. I mean, he's cool when I'm drunk and shit, but other than that, why can't he relax.

i.e., Tell that kid to stop being too much, we're at my little brother's barmitzvah
by tj the boss May 9, 2008
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Kiwi (New Zealand) slang for very impressive:
That new white convertible is too much bro!
by Matt Bleck March 12, 2008
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Lisa: Melissa why don't you wanna come sleigh riding?
Melissa: It's just too much.
by Lisa and Melissa October 31, 2005
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A term sometimes used by most women to describe certain outfits. Most men have no idea what it means.
Clara: Bill, you don't think this outfit it too much, do you?
Bill: Uh ... no?
Clara: It is, isn't it? I'll go change.
Bill: Uh ... okay?
by Hyaenus Dominae July 9, 2009
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When someone is talking and continues to add details that are boring or unnecessary past the point of where they should have stopped talking.
"Yeah I'm having a great day, I mean I would have just stayed at home and knocked one out otherwise."
"Mate too much"
by Cravenation February 15, 2009
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Someone is too much and it acts as its own caricature.
President Donald J. Trump is too much, indistinguishable from the presidential caricature of Donald J. Trump by himself.
by Dr A.M October 9, 2017
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