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The period of life before puberty, marked by increased growth. Associated with purity, innocence, and simplicity of life.
Rachelle: "According to Mary Phipher's "Reviving Ophelia", young girls who are prepubescent are experiencing their purest sense of self before adulthood."
by Nancy Chandler January 06, 2007
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"In college I did a lot of bowl searching."

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"He's probably bowl searching."
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1. someone who is yet to start puberty
2. pubeless
1. "sprout a pube ya pre-pubescent twat!"
by raaay August 05, 2006
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pri pjสŠหˆbษ›s(ษ™)nt
1. Relating to the time preceding puberty.

1. A person who has yet to go through puberty.

2. The fancy term for a person with the fear of masturbation.
Remember that you can't buy Rachael a dildo yet; she's prepubescent.
by Dracozara February 20, 2015
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(Adj.) An individual of approximately 14 years of age, that acts as if he/she were, in fact, 8. Can be extremely annoying.
Alpha Nerd: I AM KING DORK!!!!!!!
Beta Nerd: OMG you're such a pre-pubescent.
by MaD December 09, 2004
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A child who has not yet began puberty, perfect targets for pedophiles which is just wrong init tbh
Guy: "Are u in puberty or are u prepubescent still?
Kid: "I aint started yet"
Guy: "Perfect"
by #1Shagger August 27, 2018
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When someone has a very naive mind and lives in a dream world where everything is fine
you are such a prepubescent!
by ilovetwinkies July 27, 2005
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