That hot dude is a russ.
by SOMEONE May 2, 2004
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(n) a dick move, mistreatment
Kid 1: Hey can I have the last cookie?
Kid 2: No
Kid 1: Russ!

Kid 3: Ay Pablo!

(Kid 1 hits Kid 2 in a douchbaggy way)
Kid 2: Ow, stop russin'!
by Ronaldo Getsmoney November 24, 2010
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1. juice 2. vagina juice oozing 3. sweet drink 4. sticky liquid that is often sweet in taste
The joy of pudi russ was more than one can handle.
by Robert Gradin May 25, 2007
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the person in the circle who always hands you an empty bowl, pipe.
thanks could have loaded the bowl.

don't be a russ
by hollyRoxxx May 13, 2020
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A kind of guy that will always have your back. He is loyal, faithful, and is a great lover! Although at times he can be stubborn, his intentions are always good and most of the time very helpful. He isn't a guy to piss off. He don't do much talking in altercations, he is more "hands on" when handling confrontations. He has a huge heart that often gets mistreated by those who do not deserve his time. Did I mention he is a great lover?
Everytime Russ comes over, my sheets get soaked!
by Sumadartson December 20, 2016
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"Russ" is a tradition and cultural phenomenon in Norway. Students who graduate from upper secondary school / High School /College, are called "Russ", and celebrate with the characteristic festivities (russefeiring) during the first few weeks of May. With the main celebration on the 17th of May, the Norwegian constitution day.

The "Russ" wear uniforms with their respective colours (Depending on their education, and school. Red, blue, black and green, are the most common colors).
Attached to the special cap is a tassel at the end of a long string, in which they tie knots, often around various items that are rewards for completing assignments listed on the "Russ knot" list. This cap is seldom used before the "russ baptism", which is usually held during the night to May 1.
"The Russ knots are totally crazy this year",
Translation: "Russeknutene er helt syke i år!"

If you are a Russ, you are bound to get this question from more then once. (mostly from kids who collect the cards):
"Can I have a Russ card please!?"
Translation: "Kan jeg få russekort!?"
A sentence you will love to hate as a Russ.
by Little Viking May 15, 2008
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doing little or nothing to benefit others, ignoring or bypassing tasks
"hey dude did you get those documents finished over the weekend"

"no mate sorry ive been russing it"
by Sam D July 27, 2007
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