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Rockland is upstate because
1) It is west of the Hudson
2) It was once part of Orange County
3) It was "red" in the 2004 Presidential Election
Anything other than NYC, LI, and Westchester is upstate.
by JR December 19, 2004
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Also known as "PacSun", it is a clothing store that can be found in many malls. The clothing is fashionable and of high quality, though most of it is rather expensive (but no where near the amount of dough stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch or Tommy Hilfiger expect you to shell out). The store itself is normally associated with the "Punk" subculture, but you can normally see all different types of people shopping in it.
Student: "Oh, wow! Where did you get that Hurley beanie from?"
Self-proclaimed "punk": "I bought it at PacSun."
by JR December 29, 2005
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derogatory insult implying someone either sucks so much cock they puke a lot or is just a plain old jizz bag
situation:your brother is poking you or throwing things at you---"cut it ouy, dickpuke!"
by JR December 12, 2004
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motherfuckin rap phenomenon

if you think tupac is the best ever and you actually listened to his shit then peep who shot ya

tupac died first and i think we all know why
fuckin wit BIG it aint safe
by JR June 26, 2004
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The leet master of the internet, has been known to reach upto 1 gbps once on a fxp transfer
i am outraged
by JR August 10, 2003
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turds and farts spaced evenly out during a loose bowel movement
extremely funny for anyone close enough to hear it
i was pissing in the urinal and almost soaked my shoes when somebody taking a crap let loose with a solid minute of sharts!
by JR December 12, 2004
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