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Girl Friend Experience.
Affection oriented escort.
by jr May 10, 2003

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Sexuality toward prepubescent children.
Its the attraction not the act of sex.
by JR April 14, 2005

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Is the only REAL mafia around. Sure, you may here about the Russion mafia or the Japanese mafia, but they are not shit compared to the REAL Italian mafia.
The Italian mafia is the toughest.
by jr March 22, 2005

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the best band ever
a7x sounds good as fuck
by jr November 10, 2003

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a big, processed house in a suburb or gated community near you; that has approx 3.7 people living in 12 or more rooms, with 3 car garage attached to it. It's exactly like the house about a piss stream's length away from it, because their usually on placed on smallest space or lot.
it probably took them longer to tow that mcmansion to bashful beaver lane than they took to actually build it.
by jr June 09, 2004

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a shitload of one dollar bills with a twenty on the outside
fool thinks he's got pimp money, but thats just a nigger wad.
by jr December 11, 2004

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When you drink a litre of coke before you go to bed just so you can lie awake all night thinking about her.
"It's true love, I stayed up all night on a caffeine high thinking about her."
by JR June 24, 2005

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