A word describing what Justin Bieber will grow up to be, in about 9 years time.
Justin Bieber, what a cute little girl.' 'Ah, yes. She will grow up to be a woman in a few years time.
by failingsuccess December 19, 2010
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Bill - "You'd have to be stupid to actually get married to this woman"

Ted - "But she will always look like she's 20yrs old and she won't turn into a whinging bat that ruins my life and takes all my money and free time!"
by allan89 November 27, 2009
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you cant live with them, but you cant fuck beer
the hole in the bottlle or can is too small for even a baby dick. I guess i will have to fuck women.
by chip ezzy February 18, 2011
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Extremely expensive, extremely time consuming, extremely upsetting, extremely complicated, extremely high maintenance, extremely annoying at times, & extremely emotional all the time. Women also make some very bad cooks, so be careful. Backstabbing gold digging bitches.
Women are extremely complicated & expensive, but men are easy & cheap. Men are easy like the controls to bicycles & women are extremely complicated & expensive like controls to a Space shuttle. You will never understand women, so give up & go with the flow.

Women can cause men to feel extreme anger & intense regret
Your stereotypical woman is a gold digging self centered bitch who is willing to lie, cheat, kill, & steal to get ahead in life.
by jugernaut76 December 20, 2010
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