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Rockland is upstate because
1) It is west of the Hudson
2) It was once part of Orange County
3) It was "red" in the 2004 Presidential Election
Anything other than NYC, LI, and Westchester is upstate.
by JR December 18, 2004

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A word to describe a fat, big breasted woman. To understand where it came from, just think of a hotdog seller at a game of football, they carry those trays around. Now imagine they pull their shirt over the top of that tray. Bingo, you have the square shaped breasts.
"Oh no....tray set us so much maths homework"
by JR January 29, 2005

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Blade, a half vampire half human that is immune to many of the downsides of vampirism. Mainly daylight, silver, and garlic. Daylight being the obvious reasoning for this name.
See the movie "Blade" and/or "Blade 2"
by JR March 22, 2004

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To beat a person with a 3 foot rubber dildo. This is usually due to the inability to find a larger rubber dildo to flog the deserving offender with. While the person being beaten does not necessarily have to be homosexual, this beating is usually reserved for flaming homosexuals who feel the need to share their homosexuality with everyone around them.
1.I wish I could have five minutes alone with that guy to deliver the worst gay bashing of his life.

2.Gay Bash Day will be a national holiday before W. is out of office.
by jr March 18, 2005

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