A very mentally and physically degrading class implemented by the Illinois government because children are getting fat. It does not benefit children in any physical or mental way but rather has been linked to multiple personality disorder, chronic eating problems, hatred for exercise, suicide, fights, detentions, abdominal pain, explosive vometing, head injuries, broken bones, homosexuality, vandilism, fatuige, poor quiz and test scores, spontanius heart attacks and strokes, teacher brutality, and athsma attacks that can lead to brain damage or death.
I hate gym class
by some one September 14, 2003
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A class where atleast one girl checks out the hott teacher aid.
Girl 1: I hate this class
Girl 2: Me too.
Girl 3: Damn, I love gym class. I just love the people in it. (stares at teacher's aid and sighs.)
by Sara Johanna April 22, 2008
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A class in school that you will be forced to take at some point in your life, in which you will be asked to do some of the most physically challenging and humiliating tasks of your life
Gym class sucks
by Ninjabacon October 18, 2016
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The guy or group of guys in high school/junior high that always kicked everyone's asses in games, and basically made you feel even more shitty about your own suckiness.
Dodgeball was never fun, because everyone knew the gym class heros would pwn all over our asses.
by xHilikus September 20, 2006
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