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When someone can use their toes to pick things up or pinch you they have monkeytoes.
She used her monkeytoes to masturbate her lover to orgasm.
by jpg3 July 23, 2011
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When the simple task of putting socks onto your feet becomes an impossible challenge.
One friend to another," How did you get that cast on your arm?"
Reply back," I went socktarded while standing on one leg, fell over and broke it."
by jpg3 November 26, 2011
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Those non-black people that constantly use the " N " word in their conversations. These people are like a hostess twinky, no chocolate anywhere.
Dude A says to dude B " Wazzup nigga ?"
Dude B replies " Yo nigga, how you doin'?"
Dude C says " You'se my booooys nigga's!"
Two girls are watching this exchange and one turns to the other and says " What a bunch of niggatwinky fools."LOL
by jpg3 September 27, 2010
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People becoming involved with somebody having a ready made family out of a now defunct relationship.
Yo', I gots hooked up with a bangin' bitch and its all good 'cept one of them kids calls me a stepfuck.
by jpg3 August 18, 2011
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Proof that hordes of mindless zombies in need of brains really do exist.
The zombie populations true numbers were exposed when they all came out of hiding to support the zombieking.
by jpg3 November 3, 2011
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Like the bomber plane named Enola Gay used to transport an atom bomb that killed thousands, this individual in power helped bring the ebola virus to america.
People started pointing fingers at the ebola gay after america became infected.
by jpg3 October 11, 2014
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