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An americantrucker was or will be born here, raised here, speaks only american and drives american made trucks.
Its easy to tell an americantrucker from the nonamerican ones.
by jpg3 October 15, 2011
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What the resident's of Northern Maine call the people from Southern Maine, most of whom migrated from Massachussetts.
One Mainer says to another, " Those MASS-HOLES are everywhere !"
by jpg3 July 9, 2011
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MAX LOUDER is someone that has a bellowing voice. They sound like their yelling when talking.
During a party with music cranking and many people talking, everyone clearly heard MAX LOUDER.
by jpg3 February 9, 2014
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Words uttered by a kid not liking whats for dinner.
Randy wasn't happy about what his mom cooked for dinner so he said, " meatloaf beetloaf double smeatloaf."
by jpg3 July 7, 2011
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A bunch of uneducated adults from the same gene pool that are all living in one crackerjack box in millville, n.j., AKA illville
When driving thru southjersey beware of them fucking millville-morons.
by jpg3 August 14, 2011
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Losercide is the act of blowing oneself up and killing numerous innocent people.
Usually committed by a wannabe martyr that thinks it will make them an instant hero.
A real martyr is a person who suffers torture, torment, great pain or misery for a long time rather than giving up their beliefs.
After two policemen wrestle a suspect to the ground, and disarm the explosives hidden beneath the individuals clothing, one cop says to the other " I'm glad that Losercide failed."
by jpg3 October 10, 2010
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These are the people you can trust to have your back all the time, you can close both eyes when sleeping and they got you covered or turn your back on them after handing 'em a knife or gun and not have to worry they will be tempted to use it on you. They will never abandon you.
Its nice to have your loyals around when your fucked up.
by jpg3 October 18, 2011
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