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When someone can use their toes to pick things up or pinch you they have monkeytoes.
She used her monkeytoes to masturbate her lover to orgasm.
by jpg3 July 22, 2011
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Toes on some peoples feet that are extremely long and narrow, sometimes with large bulky knuckles. Much like that of monkeys, who can actually use their feet like hands to pick things up.
Check out my boyfriends monkey toes. He can spell his name with his feet.
by freegroove May 10, 2009
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an instance when a person's toes hang over the front edge of open-toed shoes.
"Dude, she looks like she's gripping the sidewalk with those monkey toes."
by taerna March 29, 2005
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Literally: Toes of monkeys.
Really: What sucks when an event/thing/person is bad.
Dude, that concert sucked major monkey toes!
I will never go out with him again. That date sucked monkey toes!
This hair-do sucks monkey toes!
That movie that I saw yesterday sucked major monkey toes dipped in carrot juice for thirty-two and a half days exactly (no more, no less) while being danced upon by dingoes in Australia.
by SneakySocks April 07, 2004
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