distracted, preoccupied, generally out-of-it, not lucid
After remaining awake for 36 hours straight to cover an extra shift in the ER, the flavored young doctor crashed on the break room couch.
by Wes October 26, 2003
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When a bitch eats food with different spices. As a result it smells and tastes differently.
Person 1: Yo those bitches was flavored bruh.
Person 2: Yea like mayonnaise on a roast beef sandwich
Person 1: Nah.. my bitch was garlic chicken flavored
Person 2: Word
by solykinzz June 27, 2017
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To work for a start-up company and be made promises (such as private equity in the company, overtime pay, bonuses, days off, profit-sharing, paid time off, etc.) to incentivize getting you to work 100 hour weeks in order to deliver over-promised client project(s) only to be laid off with no heads-up, no severance and no courtesy whatsoever upon delivering aforementioned project(s). Effectively never receiving such promises and leaving you the weekend to scramble to pull together a portfolio, resume and make preparations to find another job. Optionally, you will be informed "the partners will be okay" and not to worry about them to conclude the layoff meeting.
Thank you for joining this Google Hangout meeting on such short notice, we appreciate you all being able to show up, with the exception of Rick, who had a mild stroke yesterday. Let us proceed, the partners and myself wanted to gather you all here today and tell you that you have all done a bang up job busting out those projects for us, we know you're tired and we know we could have told you a month ago that we're not doing so well financially-- on that note, you have all just been flavored. By the way, please do not worry about us the partners, we'll be okay"


You've just been flavored.
by weareanagency December 11, 2015
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You are such a flavoral man... Can't disagree though.
by Lynx. April 14, 2019
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To add flavor to food or drink, by the addition of another ingredient.
Every so often I'll purchase some flavored coffee beans at the market, and grind them in my little blender. Then add some to my regular coffee can, hence flavorize my average coffee day with a special additive, whilst also economizing with my budget.
by B. Schmidt December 7, 2008
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Flavor is ones style, swag, Apearence, and uniqueness it is very very atractive!
"I got a Gucci bucket hat, gucci tee,gucci jeans wit the gucci shoe's what! I got flavor"
by Mr futureristic swag May 11, 2009
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Your taste in women/men.
What's your flavor, baby?
by Carlito October 6, 2004
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