A good example of how the standard dictionary definitions are "meaningless," as are all words in them, is the word "meaningless." See the undictionary and meaning, and one will see how there is nothing "meaningless," or any "meaning," in any word including "meaning", except as hints to get us where we need to go. Most people are lost in a sea of belief that words have absolute meaning and have become word fundamentalists. This has led to a world where people fight to the death defending words and ideas that they love. Each object speaks it's own meaning and to call any object meaningless, is belittling. There is no object that one can point to that is "meaningless." "Meaningless," is only a false idea, as are all words.
"Zerbinas mother said her life was meaningless, so she joined the army to kill people she didn't know, or be killed herself to give her life meaning. Her action had no "meaning," nor were they "meaningless." They were beyond words/concepts/ideas including the word beyond. They spoke for themself, interpreted differently by each person who perceived them.
by fred ressler October 10, 2006
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what 99.99980107530956541972348% of the definitions here at UrbanDictionary.com are.
This one is teh rare exception of nondescript meaningless.

{((or is it??))}
by Victor Van Styn September 22, 2005
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something that is objectively meaningless according to the person telling you this phrase but meaningful (and relevant) to everyone else you know (the 'everyone you know' includes most people in your generation/age range/social category)
boy 1) my mother says that smoking Mary Jane is meaningless

boy 2) just ignore your old lady. her opinion is subjectively meaningless but meaningful to idiotager or idiotagers in our class.
by Sexydimma January 12, 2013
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To have sex with someone you don't have feelings for or don't really like...just to have sex for pleasure but not because you love them to actually make love to them
Jordan has meaningless sex with his ex girlfriend every friday night
by Rochelle summers March 3, 2018
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ah yes, mine too. instead of doing something more important than this, i'm typing this and you're reading this.
fuckeddisshittius: oh damn, life is meaningless smh
by ThatLesbianThatStoleYourGirl September 26, 2019
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Sexual Intercourse, usually after a long term relationship break-up, where the male settles for any pussy that he can get without wasting time, energy, emotion, or contraceptives. Love, Cuddling, and conversation are never factors.
Boyfriend:I miss Rachel...
Friend: Shut-up! Go get a meaningless cream
by JP$ October 1, 2003
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