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a term coined to be used at the end of something insulting or offensive to take the heat off you when you say it.
Jordan: Anna you have really let yourself go.

Anna: What the hell! What is your freaking problem?!

Jordan: Just sayin'

Anna: Oh well in that case, I suppose its okay.

Jordan: Friends?

Anna: Fer Sure
by luffghost April 16, 2009
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The punctuation dumb people put at the end of an unsolicited, factless assertion to indicate self satisfaction at having stated something they erroneously believe to be clever, biting, and insightful.
"Twelve doctors told me that I'm wrong, but I don't care. Because I'm a MOTHER, and I KNOW my baby is allergic to peanuts, carbon, municipal water, and the color orange. Don't listen to doctors- they don't know more than you. Just sayin'."
by JohnnyInfidel July 31, 2012
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A phrase tacked on to the end of any bigoted, biased, hurtful, wrong or simply stupid remark. The speaker tacks on the phrase with the intent absolving themselves of any guilt or argument over the statement.
Danielle: Oh my god Becky, look at her butt! She's really asking for it in that skirt, just sayin.

Becky: Exactly WHAT are you “ just sayin”? That she deserves to get raped because she’s wearing a short skirt?


Becky: Ohhhhh you were just sayin…I get it now.
by Dwad!!!! June 29, 2010
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A phrase used to indicate that we are not about to justify what we just said with facts. When used excessively, especially in online situations, can lead to much aggravation, with the end result being a head slap to the party or parties overusing this phrase.
person1: Yo, I've been running uber hot lately
person2: No doubt, that was some sick beats you put on that donkey.
person1: Yeah, he was a real poser, He prly thought I was such a deutschebank! ROFLMAO!
person2: Hey, that's not nice, calling him a poser.
person1: Hey, I'm just sayin.
person3: That's it, I'm about to do some old school name callin, get 3 bars ivory soap and a dirty sock and slap one of yous right upside the melon. And I'm serious, you don't see no happy emoticon this time.
by donkey kick November 08, 2007
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This term is used after you inject your statement/opinion into a conversation. Generally, this statement/opinion is non-factual, so by saying "just sayin'", you are clarifying that this statement/opinion is unprovable and it is just a thought off the top of your head.

During an IM conversation, this term can be abbreviated with "JS".
Bill: So, what are your thoughts on Chrissy?
Dean: Honestly, I think she's pretty stupid lookin'.
Dean: Just sayin'.
Bill: Truth.
by Conor Davidson March 02, 2009
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This often rage-inducing saying is typically preceded by a blatantly honest statement that's likely to insult at least one person with it's cold, bitter truth. Frequent usage of this saying can spread it's use like a highly aggressive plague, eventually saturating almost all conversations, particularly on the Internet where anonymity encourages impolite truths.
Erin: Dude, this game is mad hard.
Jay: If you just had a lobotomy it might be. Just sayin'.
Erin: ... I hate you so much right now.
Jay: Look, I'm just sayin' that-
by THE Jaylew March 04, 2010
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