219 definition by jordan

(Noun) The eccentric ADHD mastermind behind the hit band Radiohead.
(Verb) To do something completely genius, yet socially awkward.
Use (1) as a noun:
Girl #1: Isn't Thom York the sexiest guy to come out of England?
Girl #2: He would be if he wasn't so weird.
Girl #1: Yeah.

Use (2) as a noun:

Man, Alex so just pulled a Thom York when he started flopping around in front of that huge group of people.

Use (1) as a verb:

Last night at that dance party I think I pulled a muscle because I Thom Yorked too much.

Use (2) as a verb:
Thom Yorking is dangerous in confined areas.
by Jordan May 16, 2004

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Adjective used to describe something very lame, worn out, un-fun, or boring.
1. That shit is fucking beat.
2. Beat. (used instead of "that's gay"or similar phrase)
by Jordan April 21, 2004

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1. Damn, you know there ain't no such thing as leftover crack!
2. One of the greater bands on earth.
You want some of my leftover crack, man? Shit-nevermind, there ain't no such thing!
Shit, this Leftover Crack cd has one fucking crackrocksteady beat, bitch!
by Jordan December 17, 2004

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Clearly the most impressive continent on earth and clearly the most powerful. The U.S has the power, Canada has the natural resources, and Mexico has the sweat shop labour all readily available
Fuck everyone else, we own you all.
by Jordan August 19, 2004

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One who usually expects a favorable outcome.One who looks on the bright side of things, or takes hopeful views
Aaron says Jamie is very OPTIMIST. This makes Aaron a fucking tard and wrong.
by Jordan July 12, 2003

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Most often used in the phrase "fixin' to" meaning: about to, getting ready to.

Very common in Southern states such as Texas.
I'm fixin' to write my paper.
I'm fixin' to go to the dance.
by Jordan December 02, 2003

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a designer drug that alleviates all inhibitions and leaves the person who took it in an extreme state of euphoria, bliss. 'e' (slang for ecstasy) is mind-expanding, and is best accompanied with techno music.
i love ecstasy
by jordan December 03, 2003

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