1.to sleep
2. to stay at someone elses house for the night
1. "Dude, i'm going to go crash. See you later"
2. "Is it okay if I crash here?"
by claire March 4, 2003
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"those guys crashed the party at my girlfriend's house, but they brought booze and dope so we let them stay."
by kool kat November 9, 2003
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Hangover or other ill physical and psychological after effects as a result of a drug leaving your system and your body craving more. Specifically , this term refers to amphetamines, though it's often used to refer to other drugs as well.
The crash from the speed was so bad I couldn't move from the corner I was crying in for 3 hours, until I found my fifth of jim beam.
by oz July 9, 2003
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Crash is the only thing windows does quickly.
by psyjax July 29, 2003
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v. To find temporary lodging or shelter, as for the night.
"If you don't have anyplace to stay, you can crash at my place for the night."
by Ian Maxwell December 6, 2002
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1. to shut down. cease to work, applied to a computer or program.
2. To hit something in a car or other vehicle
My computer crashed.
My car crahed into a brick wall
by 5'1"Racer March 15, 2004
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