219 definitions by jordan

To stick the picture in her locker, she put the magnetical thing up in front of it.
by jordan February 11, 2004
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a male that pwnts teh vacuum cleaner up and down the floor every nite
why dont you makela that thing
d00d, Jordan wants to makela with you tonight
by jordan January 26, 2005
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a hearty stew consisting of the taxonomy mammailia stuffed, filled, basted, and ingested and filtered throught the digestive track of a whale (preferabbly sperm).
that's some chyaunt ass mammalaya
by jordan January 21, 2004
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A slap on a wet fatman's back resulting in an incredibly loud juicy noise.
He slammed his hand onto the wet skin and a ringing juicemobile could be heard across the beach.
by jordan March 29, 2004
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1. Damn, you know there ain't no such thing as leftover crack!
2. One of the greater bands on earth.
You want some of my leftover crack, man? Shit-nevermind, there ain't no such thing!
Shit, this Leftover Crack cd has one fucking crackrocksteady beat, bitch!
by jordan December 18, 2004
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Jordan likes to take part in lesbianage.
by jordan February 9, 2004
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Short for homo, which is short for homosexual.
My roommate andy is a huge mo.
by jordan March 11, 2005
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