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A way to express that something tastes good. I think it can be used as an interjection. Other forms of the word include: yummy, yummiest, yummier
Me: Hey, person, do you like the food?
Person: Yum!!
by Ok hun September 30, 2019
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A word to describe something that is sexi, delicious, epic, or awesome.
Nicole: Omg we should have a sexi party
Jenn: Totally! Yum!
by Jenni-chan February 09, 2009
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This hot sneaker that comes in a variety of different colors. Made by some graffiti artist but owned by Souljaboy tellem.
I just bought me some new yums bruh.
by MizzTeeTee April 24, 2008
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an affectionate term for a friend or someone of the opposite sex you find attractive
female me: hey yum, hows it going
female friend: meh im doing alright, a little tired

hot male friend: hey lady what are you doing tonight?
female me: oh hey yum, no plans. you up for something?
hot male friend: sure give me a call later
by delores haze November 20, 2005
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A way to describe a person on their looks and taste. Also used to describe food but mostly used to describe people this generation.
Person 1: Daniela Muñoz is looking yum af.
Person 2: Hells yea man

Individual 1: Bro look at that food man.

Individual 2: It's looking real yum.
by Steve Dodger January 20, 2017
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