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1-to be restricted to your home.

2-to not be allowed to partake in certain acts.
He had been grounded for 2 weeks for yelling at his brother
by Cullen Lee March 30, 2003
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1 (a). electrical conductivity directed into the earth
1 (b). to be emotionally stable

2 (a). to have your flying privileges suspended
2 (b). to be confined to your home as a punishment

1(a) The computer wasn't properly grounded, so the power surge fried it.

1(b) I like having lunch with my aunt -- she's so sensible and grounded.

2(a) After he did a victory roll just 200 feet over the runway, the Red Baron was grounded for a month.

2(b) When she woke up her whole family by coming in puking-drunk at 4am, Lindsay was grounded for a month.
by Figleaf23 August 09, 2007
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Something your parents do after proving them wrong in an aurgument. This can also occur if you point out that your parents often do the same thing they are mad at you for doing.
Parent "I told you to clean you room before you left the house" Child "Didn't you just go shopping and isn't your bed not made?" Parent "Your grounded"
by Anthony D j October 12, 2005
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Not having your parent's PERMISSION to do certain things.Yet, that doesn't mean you CAN'T do those certain things. =
1 Crystal was grounded for a year, yet she always did anything she wanted behind her parent's back.
by Stacey Yi August 26, 2005
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what your parents do to punish you so that you are as miserable as they are.
parent: my life sucks, let's ground junior, so his life is miserable too.
junior: now, i'm grounded. dang it.
by boyfriendsavior January 15, 2011
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something YOU are in controll of- not your parents. if your parents try to restrict you from leaving for something stupid, dont let them do it. its that simple. trust me. you can only be grounded as long as you let yourself.
parent: your'e grounded!
kid: no! (leaves the house)
parent: fuck.. our kid is finally thinking for himself and isnt taking my shit anymore. and theres nothing i can do about it.
by f.u.c.k.y.o.u. February 10, 2005
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