A descriptive phrase. Similar to punk bitch or possibly stupid ass. Can be used to describe a situation, a person, or damn near anything.
You betta take yo scary ass on before I show you what this shit's about.

He been runnin around wit them scary ass niggas.

Thas some scary ass shit.
by In*Sanity... April 29, 2010
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A cooler way of saying scardy cat.
it means that the person that it is told to, is scared to do something.
"i dont wanna rob that bank"
"ah scary ass, get outta here then..."
by pooya April 4, 2005
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A descriptive phrase describing something so frightening it sends chills not only down your spine, but up your ass too.
There were some scary ass clowns in the circus just now...they scared the crap out of several children...literally.

Get that scary ass dog of yours away from me! It looks like it is gonna bite anytime and give me diseases!
by Vladolski July 31, 2010
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The fuck? Exactly what it sounds like. Scared as fuck of everything and anything
"I swear to God If this scary ass dog runs away again, imma beat his ass......"
by Tiredofdumbshit March 25, 2017
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a nigga whos too afraid to do shit
me "Yo Mark you trying to go swimming at the beach?" Mark "hell naw what if a shark comes?" me "you scary ass nigga their ain't gonna be no damn sharks"
by deadboys May 20, 2015
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A scary girl that your man cheated on you with.she thinks she’s all that but really she scared to swing because she know her ass gonna get beat.
Girl 1- so you cheated with my dude

Hoe- yea and what are you gonna do

Girl 1- pull up then come on since you so tuff
Hoe-you know what never mind I didn’t really mean it

Girl 1 -scary ass hoe
by Butterfly girlie January 10, 2021
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The type of white person that comes on this site and expresses their hate for other races and/or religions because of their conservative upbringing and insecurity caused by their small penises. Scary ass crackas are most commonly found in the U.S. though certain species thrive in the U.K. as well.
Scary Ass Cracka: I hate black people!
Black Person: Why?
Scary Ass Cracka: Because mah daddy duz!
Black Person:......Dumbass
Scary Ass Cracka:......Nigger
*Scary Ass Cracka gets stomped out*
by That Real Negro January 30, 2005
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