A gang member
1. young gunner.

2. Young Gangsta
"Hey who's the new person"
"ohh her, that's zoe she's my YG"
by Feel me April 22, 2013
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YG is one of the WORST K-Pop entertainment companies, the sad thing is that a bunch if the artists there (EX: Blackpink, Big Bang) are amazing
by some random pickle??? May 6, 2020
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A known rapper from Compton California who makes many songs that relate to us youth.He is signed to Def Jam also.
"She think im cute she wanna have sex girl knock it off you know u cant have this" YG -Toot it and Boot it

"Im the head doctor girl call me YG the nurse"Yg-Head Doctor
by Duhhimher July 7, 2010
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When you eat a girl out from the passenger seat, while she drives.
The equivalent for a YG is a Blumpkin and a Handjob.
by Andre Husain September 15, 2010
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Your Girl or Ya Girl.

Used to reference yourself or someone you know.

Very popular slang word in St.Louis area.
"YG is hammered right now"

"Dude I sw YG at the bar earlier and she is on one."

Associated with the word YB
by Snaplatts January 27, 2018
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Where the YG?
by Sushb August 6, 2010
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YG often used to refer to a younger generation of gamers.
for example:
*Kid gets kill in cod* Wow this kid is a YG
by Younggamer. DUH BITCH July 1, 2017
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