what you accept as true or real
I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. I cannot NOT believe it no matter how hard I try. This belief is not under my control. None of my beliefs are.
by yorrick hunt January 30, 2008
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Belief is acceptance of a proposition, the meaning behind a declarative sentence. See example.

A belief can also be the passive acceptance of an obvious fact, such as "The car was blue" or "My father died when I was five years old". The first 'fact' is a true belief; the second sentence is a justified true belief.
I have a belief that the proposition "Red delicious apples are juicy" is true. I have a belief the proposition that "Worms grow as large as pythons" is not true.
by ceclark February 25, 2012
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a network of perspectives that shape the way one sees the universe.

a belief cannot be proven.
beliefs are only relevant when one does not know the truth, causing many to have different beliefs, resulting in separation. when one believes in something a halt of consciousness is created, dismissing further investigation into what is not known as fact.
beliefs and belief systems bring nothing but false hope or guidance.
beliefs are a wall of illusion which ultimately results in the separation of man from his higher/true self.

psychedelics often detach one from beliefs when used properly, exposing truth and oneness.
governments endorse the use of beliefs in all ways possible to keep people small-minded.
by thewanderingprophet July 14, 2009
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*A, any and all systems of belief(s) religiously (firmly) held (religions) of and by homo Sapiens is, and/or are, based on (a) lie(s) { see - b e ( l i e) f ( s ) }.
A, any and all homo Sapiens (them) have (a) belief(s) that inanimate objects (ie, stop signs; speed limit signs, all ambiguous nouns at best as nouns can't do, say and/or specify anything) control them.
by The Altruen September 15, 2015
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A feeling of elated euphoria in which the owner has complete control over every action and reaction in the Universe for they fear nothing in themself and others, because they understand everything.
You have to let it all go Neo. Fear, doubt, disbelief. Free your mind.

-Please don't disbelieve-
by Kamisama August 21, 2005
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Belief ..

Not really a choice ..

Just a conclusion to evidence that surrounds you ..

Blind faith ..

Tried that ..
Belief .. Beyond
by LetsTalkAboutX February 27, 2023
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Chloe Ferry (from Geordie Shore): I have to talk to faith and ask her if I'm beliefic!
by BigTittyTyrone August 21, 2020
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