388 definition by jay

dorky, stupid, insipid, uncool.
That class is ducky.
Those shoes are ducky.
by Jay May 22, 2004

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If you have have a line of gangsta's in your family.
Mels dad was a gangsta so dat makes her a gangsta princess.
by Jay December 15, 2003

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Tech support call center lingo meaning:

"Saying whatever it takes to get a customer off the phone without helping them"
When that guy told me he had Windows 9.0 I knew I was going to have to shwing him.
by Jay March 10, 2004

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anus, butthole
Babe, you really have a stinky binger tonight, did you just crap
by Jay June 17, 2004

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When a dangerous rogue state which is suspected of having an illegal nuclear weapons arsenal claims that it "...will not introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East" - and continues to claim that it does not have weapons of mass destruction even after one of its nuclear technicians proves that it does have a nuclear stockpile of at least 300 warheads (all so it can continue to be propped up by billions of dollars in aid from an allied country which has a law banning it from supporting proliferating countries).
Nuclear weapons? What nuclear weapons? The facility at Dimona is a textiles factory....okay okay, it is just a civilian nuclear research programme.

Now, Papa America, as we DO NOT have nuclear weapons please can you give us even more and more billions of aid dollars so we can continue building on occupied land and developing our nuclear power station.
by Jay April 21, 2004

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When one has blitz a bulldog or smiley down there trees then they may feel sweded.
Look at rich, he's had 10 sweders and is gurning to fuck.
by JaY January 23, 2003

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1. (adj.)the highest degree of coolness one can attain (see also "cool points")
2. (adv.)an action considered to be the pinnacle of coolness (see also "pimp")
1. Tony, and Jesus, are by far the most platinum guys on Earth
2. That dropkick Jesus made was platinum
by Jay August 19, 2003

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