How New Yorkers refer to a plain slice of cheese pizza.
Inside a pizzeria:
Vinny: next?
Customer: I'll have two plain and a Diet Coke.
by littlepigs July 25, 2017
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someone who may be normal or boring.

nothing is really going on for them. physically just average features not ugly or pretty.
mentally just not exciting to talk to, dont do much cool stuff.
"that girl is pretty!"guy 1
"nooo! she is sucha plain jane" guy 2
"well what girl is pretty to youu, around here?" guy 1
" that one shes diffrent, see those clothes look vinatge-y. and she has a diffrent interesting nose! pretty!" guy 2
"yeah i guess your right, who wants a plain girl?" guy 1
by sexy_girl92 November 4, 2006
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the quality of vision. often accompanied by strong emotions. can, will lead to rational realisation. and - if balls are attached to your guts - to action.
so much regret hidden in the plain view of past decisions. not that regret comes naturally, but we make mistakes and, according to some fucked up conscience law and depending on your level of understanding, almost always experience regret, remorse, pain.
never would i have expected scales falling off my eyes so brutally. i must leave as quickly as possible, there will not be any other way.
by Krkič January 14, 2021
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No sense of the world around he/she when asked a simple ass question
Why do you act so plain around me?
by 1a2d3c4d5e March 14, 2018
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A small village near Airdrie in North Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Look up "Airdrie" on, Plains is mostly similar.
Although Plains now has a train line running through it, unlike Airdrie and nearby village of Caldercruix it does not have a station. This is entirely due to the decision made by Network Rail against Plains.
However, due to tickets on the Airdrie>Bathgate line being ridiculously expensive, very few people are actually using the railway so Network Rail are getting their comeuppance.
Plains is pure the bomb man! I'm gutted they don't have their own train station!
by Plains, Trains & Automobiles January 23, 2011
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