Sippin- to drink lean aka promethazine x Codeine
Rapper 1: yo nigga what chu sippin On with yo ol dusty ass

Rapper2: Iā€™m sippin on sum high tech bitch ass nigga

*drink this shit with caution this cough med is made with an opioid drink responsibly*
by Big dick will October 08, 2018
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sippin- the feeling of missing a moment and wanting to relieve it so badly. Usually an experience or a memory. Most of the time sippin is used when you are heartbroken that a moment is over. People tend to get the feeling straight after the experience is finished, but for some people, the feeling comes a few days after the experience ended. Sometimes you can't even cry because you're sippin so hard.
"yo that concert was the greatest night of my life, it got me sippin"

" I'm sippin too, that concert was unforgettable. Now memory that will last will last forever "
by mesippin June 17, 2019
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(V): the act of performing oral sex on a woman
Yo you saw that video of Kanye sippin Kim?? Hot af!
by Typicalhoodrat December 12, 2016
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