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A term for the ilicit marijuana
"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Motha Motha Fuck,Motha Fuck,Motha Fuck Motha Fuck Nyoonch, Nyoonch, Nyoonch, 1-2, 1-2-3-4, Nyoonch, Nyoonch, Nyoonch, Shmokin Weed, Shmokin Weed..."-Jay
by jay January 25, 2005
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receiving oral sex, have a female perform oral sex on you head
by jay March 29, 2005
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Yorkshire slang for being wasted on crack cocaine or heroin. Same definition as gauching.
I saw that bleddy crank chenging it out on the rocks last night!
by jay February 15, 2005
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Institute in Basic Life Principles. Headed up by Bill Gothard, it is the parent organization of about 70+ different programs, ranging from their homeschool doctrine to overseas orphan care.

IBLP is infamous for making vague and bland names for their programs through the use of acronyms. Also, they make volunteer students pay to work at their Training Centers under the guise of teaching them character during their stay.
Some IBLP Programs:

EXCEL (Excellence in Character, Education, and Leadership),

COMMIT (Cultivating Obedience, Ministering Mercy, Internalizing Truth)

EQUIP (Establishing Quick Understanding in Precepts)

...and many more
by jay February 21, 2005
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the greasy, dirty buildup of dirt and oil under boobs and between the rolls of fat ppl. especailly when they don't shower.
that fucker is covered in titty butter
by jay May 31, 2003
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A great town i dont care what you say . All those people who live here and say "OMFG MEDFORD IS SOOOOOOO BORING" need take a look around them. The black to white ratio is 99 to 1 , less then that even. There is no crime . The is a gay ass highschool that we all take as a complet joke. It was nick named "shawnee prison" Dew to the ban on drinking water and the loss of ketchup cup. Cause they didnt fit into the budget which is like 4000000 dollars . There are mostly big homes over 5000 sq feet. Your 30 mins from philly 10 mins from the mall 10 mins from a movie theater 2 hours from NYC and 30 mins from the shore. Also there is no more building there due to the pinebarrens what eles can you ask for??? Oh and i cant forget the massive drugs that go threw this town , its kinda funny cause you wouldnt think it until you walked into shawnee for about 10 mins.
White , nice clothes , nice shoes , and drinking on the bored walk at 14 years old . He must be from medford.
by jay March 17, 2005
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