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387 definitions by jay

Originally just a misspelling from people typing too fast, "teh" has become a word used by net.writers to exemplify people who are ignorant or simply not thinking clearly (perhaps because they're typing too fast).
I was reading a fundamentalist site the other day, and the writer was all upset about kids listening to rock'n'roll. He believes it's TEH DEVIL MUSIC FROM HELL.
by jay August 9, 2003
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A person who's responsible for the sales of Tabasco.
"Tabasco on eggs? You fucking Texan!"
by jay November 14, 2004
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Nickname for best shooting guard in the NBA, Allen Iverson
by jay September 22, 2003
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A cock slap followed by ejaculation in the female's eye... followed with a quick apology and a good laugh.
She was giving me head, and I hit her with The Jay... It was awesome, but she got mad becasue I wouldn't stop laughing.
by jay December 10, 2004
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Synonym for "cool". Derived from the Oxford English Dictionary original definition of an 18th century dandy who affected mannerisms of Continental Europe.
"Stuck a feather in his (Doodle's) cap and called it macaroni."

"Man, that bitch is macaroni"

"I'm so macaroni, girls will want to pour cheese on me."
by jay March 20, 2005
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To treat your lady like a saint in public and then like a whore in the bedroom. Usually inspired by love for the motherly side of women and lust for sex.
Larry's got the madonna-whore complex. He takes his wife out to dinner, buys her roses, then fucks her in the ass.
by jay September 9, 2003
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Smoothest Kentucky bourbon known to man. If Jesus enjoyed a nice sip of bourbon after work, this is what he would drink.

Easily recognized by the distinctive red wax seal and very smooth 90 proof flavor.
Go buy yourself some, cheap-ass.
by jay May 7, 2005
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