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To treat your lady like a saint in public and then like a whore in the bedroom. Usually inspired by love for the motherly side of women and lust for sex.
Larry's got the madonna-whore complex. He takes his wife out to dinner, buys her roses, then fucks her in the ass.
by jay September 09, 2003
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Smoothest Kentucky bourbon known to man. If Jesus enjoyed a nice sip of bourbon after work, this is what he would drink.

Easily recognized by the distinctive red wax seal and very smooth 90 proof flavor.
Go buy yourself some, cheap-ass.
by jay May 07, 2005
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Plain and simple, this was started by the Mexicans. It's their way of saying "Man".. This is due to the Mexican accent converted to English. Now people say 'mang' because it's (1) different and (2) humorous.
"What's up, mang?"
by jay June 02, 2004
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1. A video game, emphasising stealth murder, that fails to hold the players attention; an attempt by Rockstar Games to sell games by shock value and bad publicity.

2. a cohesive effort of an organized group to capture an individual.
I was all pumped to play Manhunt.
I rented it, and fell asleep while playing it.
I am wicked bummed.
by jay May 14, 2004
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made up by the makers of south park. the meaning isto do a cocaine line off of a mans penis
Yvette did a markof on mike.
by jay March 18, 2005
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made up by me and it means that the man is on top showing that he is in charge
by jay March 18, 2005
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