What your history is from.
My background is that: I was born in serbia
by nikkiisalwaysright February 16, 2009
by background November 6, 2020
A remark that informs an individual they have missed out on background information critical to a joke (or storey).
Joe: Hey Ben, remeber that book?
Ben: HAHA, yes, i'm sure the mice would be pleased with 42.
Daniel: What the? Mice?
Ben: (to Daniel) Backgrounding Daniel!
Daniel: Oh. Damn.
by Benni ( Zepher ) June 3, 2006
If you are a background friend:
You don't fit in with any particular group of friends.
They are all closer with each other than with the background friend
People who you think about a lot, but feel don't think of you very often.
I'm background friends with people in a large group from my favorite school/pub/university
by Sotapana June 16, 2019
A character in a movie or play that is meant to literally just exist. These people live normal boring lives that no one cares about and thus they exist just for development and enhancement of a scene setting. These characters could include the entire animated armies that all look exactly the same and named Joe, the elderly couple at the back table chatting over a cup of coffee, or simply a random derp blurry in the background staring off into nothing while we get to see a close up of Johnny Depp's lovely face. These people are actually the true wizards because they magically appear and reappear out of nowhere, are able to switch jobs in two frames, duplicate, and can change outfits in a matter of seconds.
Harry: *pauses movie* OMG! That background character is making the stupidest face!
Stacy: Uh...that's a mirror...
by unicornz21 May 4, 2016
Someone who's friends with lots of people from different friend groups but isn't necessarily confined to one, typically an ambivert, sometimes the center of attention but also gets left out often, never asks for help, doesn't really know whats going on sometimes, and doesn't really have a best friend in their friend group since everyone has their own best friend in that friend group but copes with that by considering everyone in their friend group their best friend.
friend: Have you seen Myles? He seems pretty off today, he's really quiet today.
another friend: It's alright he's probably texting that other kid. After all he's just the background friend.
by nurwal12 October 29, 2019