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sentences in lyrical hiphop songs
sentences that rhyme with each other

300 bars is 300 sentences that rhyme

by lux fero January 03, 2006
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xanax bars, prescription pill, makes you feel drunk, tired, and all you can think bout is pussy.
1. yo lets pop a couple bars, have a couple drinks, and hit up a line.
by OPP October 17, 2004
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Slang name for a 2mg. XANAX tablet. Derived from its long bar-like shape.
Florida Governor, Jeb Bush's daughter was arrested for calling in a bullshit prescription for XANAX bars.
by Brandon October 01, 2003
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term in hip hop used for a line break
i have a big pile of cheese/
look at her shes gonna sneeze/

that is two bars
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
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A section of music who's length is determined by the time signature.
Contrary to popular belief, rap isn't the only type of music out there. All types of music have bars.
by Skeez Adams December 08, 2005
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1. Broke at Rib
2. When life is difficult
3. When you can't pay for something
4. A boy named Pat on all days and Nights of the year
5. Not Joe
1. I can't go out to dinner because I'm B.A.R.
2. I failed that science test...B.A.R.
3. "Buy candy for cross country?" "Can't, B.A.R. life"
4. Look at B.A.R ass over there thinking he's cool, shouln't he be doing something?
5. Why does he think he's B.A.R.?
by NBS2010PA October 18, 2010
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*2mg xanax pills, may be prescribed for some with
"general anxiety disorder.
*they are illegal if purchased without a prescription.
*the side effects of xanax, leave you feeling layback, happy ("drunk"), with loss of memory, loss of perseption, loss of motor control skills, and give some
"the munchies."
*bars are also known as...
-double g's
-totem poles
-happy pills
bob said to tom...
"i had some bars before school today and i can't remember
sh!t, u got the homework?"
by qtiptt April 30, 2007
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