The new and improved way to describe something repulsive. Is commonly used by teenage girls to convey their feelings about guys, any form of fried food, and their grandparents. Proceed with caution as this word when overused can be fucking annoying.
I'm never hooking up with Josh again. He's nast!

This salad is nast.
by fliesandspiders November 14, 2014
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The noun form of nasty, generally used to designate something unidentifiable that is nasty.
That festering bucket over there is full of nast.
by Panderblaka13 October 9, 2012
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A shortend form of the word nasty.
That food is just plain nast.
by Jay August 19, 2003
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Adj., Shortened version of nasty.
Ew, Lucas is so nast.
by d2f January 12, 2015
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(Noun) A member of the opposite sex (typically female) who is below one's normal standard for engaging in sexual intercourse. Most times this is used to describe a sexual partner the speaker is ashamed of in some way, but still wants to brag about.

Also: Man-Nast, Nast Hunting, NH4L
"Dude, I got some nast last night. It was raw."

"Lets go hunting for nast!"
by NH4L February 18, 2010
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Adjective. Basically short for nasty, but used when repulsed beyond the state of nasty.
That is nast!
by Scott April 4, 2003
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To be both wasted and naked at the same time, or in most cases, nikked
why is he running around naked?
he just drank 3 bottles of tequila.
wow, he's really nasted.
by Daonocto January 9, 2008
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