(unfair treatment based on skin color, age, etc.) is the act of making a bad/unhelpful honor/difference for a being based on the group, class, or category to which they are perceived to belong. (unfair treatment based on skin color, age, etc.) can be reasonable or (related to having wrong, pre-decided ideas).
Kid:Your Black so you don't can't play with us

Kid:Stop Discriminating Me *Calls teacher*
by Jif=Bad May 3, 2020
Invented by Quavo in the song ''Pick Up the Phone''
And I'm lovin' al races, hell nah don't discriminize.
by skinnyniggabutmydlong September 30, 2016
An excuse used by ungrateful non-whites who have been always given the red carpet and fed with a silver spoon just for being non-white while whites especially white males not only don’t get any benefits they are in fact negatively treated by non-whites and the system.
Discrimination as of now can theoretically only be applied to whites because they are the only ones without any benefits and are openly hated by the system.
an act or instance of discriminating
Racial discriminization is one of the best things known to man in a long time.”
by B Talented March 7, 2008
A crutch used mostly by blacks and sometimes hispanics to explain that they are not successful because of their skin pigment, ignoring other factors such as their education and/or work product.
My ho axed fo a job at Walmart but they be discrimination on us bros.
by Diversity Jones March 3, 2005
1 a : A term made up by minority groups to push their views and guilt others into excepting them into society.

2 : A legitimate problem in North America that is being overlooked because others are taking advantage of the word.
"He made fun of my opinion! That's discrimination!"
by Logic for goodness sake December 13, 2017
"Action based on prejudice or racist beliefs that results in unfair treatment of individuals or groups; unjust conditions in areas such as employment, housing and education." - Museum of Tolerance
There are many terrible examples of discrimination, such as the Holocaust, the KKK, Homophobia, Women's equal rights, etc.