Verb: To swerve, as in driving a car, quickly and abruptly from side to side. Tactic often used to see cars that are right on your ass when you're driving a trailer and can otherwise not see them.
I swiggled to see the Honda so far up my ass it became invisible on my way to Lake Eaton.
by Sir Camps-a-lot May 31, 2010
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An amount of liquid taken in one swallow. Unlike the word 'swig', this term only refers to liquids of an alcoholic nature.
Please Sir, may I bother you for a swiggle of your of your whiskey?
by Henry Hoffman September 07, 2006
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When your too drunk to wiggle out of a situation and your last chance to get out of the situation is to swiggle out of it by moving like a snake across the floor well saying I can swiggle out of this.
Greg was so drunk last night he tried to swiggle out of that fight he got in with Travis
by BackB0ne May 24, 2016
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