Not in actuality; deceptively spoken. Stated either with irony or as part of a ruse. As opposed to for breakfast. Synonym of for joke.
Pancake Master: I'm the Pancake Master.

Bubble King: Oh, for dinner?

Pancake Master: No man, for breakfast (of course)!
by Pete Calleri April 22, 2010
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Something that the king wonders about.
King: "I wonder what's for dinner."
Link: "Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octarok!"
by Raymoo October 17, 2007
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I used it in msn messenger

Person: Hey watsup?
Me: Auto message: I'm dinnering at the moment
Leave me a msg.
by RICEDUCK February 17, 2009
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last and most formal meal of the day; prelude to a fuck
She: "Everytime he takes me to a nice restaurant for dinner I fuck him afterwards."

He: "What's for dinner ?"
by Jake March 9, 2004
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an often used lame excuse to ditch your friends when you feel the need to do something better. Usually implies things such as showering, jacking off, tv, bitching, and occasionally dinner will be eaten. All while your friend is anxiously waiting on facebook chat.
oh srry shelby i gotta go to dinner. talk to you later
by pieshop skeezy October 21, 2009
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Anything good/Anything exciting
Person 1: “did you hear there’s gonna be a sale at _______”

Person 2: “ REALLY? DINNER!”

Person A: “Turns out the teacher won’t be taking that for a grade

Person B: “Oh, that’s dinner”
by Waida Wayk June 5, 2019
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The gathering of a group of animals to dine together and enjoyment of company. Generally used with loud animals and animals that might not otherwise enjoy each others company unless for food or the benefit of the group as a whole.
Are we dinnering tomorrow?
He/she/they/it enjoyed dinnering last night
by Zoobeegee January 12, 2011
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