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"We Are Money", we are a small group of people that hang out and do cool things.
WAM is getting together for movie night on Saturday
by Jason April 25, 2005
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a dildo like toy that is designed to make the tightest of all pussies and anus to become loose. It is inserted into the vagina or anus and is pumped full of air. It expands very fast and stretches the pussy or anus to an unfathomable looseness. Enjoy!
This pussy make looser made my pussy real loose!
by Jason March 26, 2003
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1.) plural noun, meaning a collection of large cow-like pack animals.
2.) noun, meaning an awesome indie band. they use very odd beats, and excellent guitar work, and put on a hell of a live show.
1.) we rode our oxes to the show
2.) we saw the oxes at the show

oxes suck coxes
-the oxes.
by Jason October 3, 2004
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One void of brain. A complete hopeless moron. An idiot the world seldom sees. He can also be referred to as "Doofy".
Your so heatherton. Heatherton is the lowest form of stupid imaginable.
by Jason April 13, 2005
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money; westcoast (Bay Area - E-40)
Where's the marbles?
by Jason November 23, 2003
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Loan shark means like a pro money lender who charges high interest rates which is how they earn money.
"Can I borrow 1000 dollars from you man?"
"Yea, but next week you owe me 1500$"
"You fucking loan shark! Oh alright."
by Jason July 24, 2004
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To get bulled, to get pushed around, to get harassed
To get Deboed just like in the Movie Friday where Debo constantly bulled Smokey and Craig.

"You just got debode"
by Jason August 12, 2003
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