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Loan shark means like a pro money lender who charges high interest rates which is how they earn money.
"Can I borrow 1000 dollars from you man?"
"Yea, but next week you owe me 1500$"
"You fucking loan shark! Oh alright."
by Jason July 24, 2004
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To get bulled, to get pushed around, to get harassed
To get Deboed just like in the Movie Friday where Debo constantly bulled Smokey and Craig.

"You just got debode"
by Jason August 12, 2003
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Someone who partcipates in one of the world's truest sports: Climbing mountains.
by Jason December 18, 2003
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fucked, had sex with, etc.
I porked your mom, or have you ever porked before?
by Jason November 23, 2003
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I have a coworker who has bronchitis. Is that contagious?
Also, if you have a cut on your hands, is it still okay to make food as long as it isn't bleeding?
by Jason December 8, 2003
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acronym for douche bag, typically an asshole guy, with the easily spotted gelled spiked hair and tight muscle shirts
Just goto any club, that is their natural habitat
by Jason May 29, 2003
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