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Originating in Long Beach, CA. This is a rare cross breed between a metro-sexual and one who lives the emotional hardcore lifestyle.
Dougs attire today forced us to label him an emo-sexual.
by Jason December 23, 2004
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created by Jason Putnoky, as an alias for is gaming carrer.

Strikes fear into many gamers while playing, and has been called a cheater many times, however always found clean due to he is.
ENVADER1 will kill you with many Headshots.
by Jason December 28, 2004
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The ring of low density, automobile dependent sprawled cities on the edge of metropolitian areas. The almost exclusively white exburbs have come about because minorities are moving into suburbs due to rising minority incomes, gentrification of the inner city, and the decaying of older poorly built suburban homes.
My pro-Bush friend commutes 60 miles to his job downtown from the exburbs in his SUV so he will be safe from non-whites.
by Jason October 28, 2004
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1.Slang term for a person who would be considered an existentialist, in regard to personal philosophy.
Term allegedly coined by John Lennon of the Beatles.
Those exies think they have it all figgured out.
by Jason December 15, 2004
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Gatorade mixed any alcoholic substance so as to get the consumer wasted as hell without the strong taste,however this mixture is not recommended.
Faderade is wack, just drink Bacardi and Cola.
by Jason November 23, 2003
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The awesome crevice right outside of a girls anus. Caused when the pants are really wedged up there....
"wow her pants were up there pretty far, I could see her anal cavity as well as her camel toe"
by Jason December 28, 2004
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america online, the crappiest and laggiest shit internet users can use. also way too much spam
"Welcome to AOL, You have new spam, dickhead."
by Jason March 25, 2003
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