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Progressive Death metal band formed in 1990; known for their blend of folk, metal, and progressive 70's rock, and Mikael Åkerfeld's brutal death growls and beautiful clean vocals. One of the most talented extreme metal bands around today.
Opeth is a very good band.
by ratsinthewall March 01, 2003
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What you get when you take folk, prog, and death metal and mix in a blender of musical talent. When you listen to this music, the chills that go up your spine are astounding. Imagine standing on a windswept moor in the middle of nowhere, walking anyplace. The kind of desolate longing and anticipated dread that this style of scene conjures up is the essence of Opeth.
Face of Melinda
Death Whispered a Lullaby
Ending Credits
For Absent Friends
Moonlapse Vertigo
Blackwater Park
by King Leif January 10, 2005
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A truly talented and intelligent band which creates original music. Probably can't be understood by most nu-metal kids because the songs aren't 3 minutes of complaining about how much their life supposedly sucks.
by france blows April 27, 2003
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Swedish 4-piece band that can make a 10minute+ song sound like it's only 4 minutes. The very extreme thought of putting Double kick drums, acoustic guitars, and deep growls in the same song was unheard of. Until now. The Drastic changes from death metal to melodic melodies gives me chills just thinking about it. Absolute metal (and all music as far as that goes) geniuses. Period.
Black Rose Immortal
Blackwater Park
Demon of the Fall
The night and the silent Water
Serenity Painted Death
The face of Malinda
Under the weeping Moon
by Eric December 10, 2003
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Opeth as a band presents the stylistic progressive music from the 1970's added with the progressive touch of the highly acclaimed scandinavian death-metal.
by Mikko Moilanen August 27, 2003
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