A substance used to enhance facial features.
Generally found irrisistible to 12-85 year old females.
Makeup comes in many forms---
pressed powder
loose powder
1. Where did you get that makeup?

2. Is that makeup you are wearing on your eyes? Oh yes, it's called EYESHADOW.
by jisyourlover December 28, 2005
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Used to enhance facial feature or cover blemishes and imperfections on their faces like the eyes, lips and cheeks. Mainly used by women almost everyday, people have made cosmetic companies to sell these products like lip gloss, eyeshadow etc...
" I must find a dress that matches my Make Up. "
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Makeup is multiple different things. Ex: Eyeliner, Concealer, Mascara etc. Makeup is a form of art. Expressing yourself. And yes for some people covering insecurities. But makeup is an art you have brushes for certain things and certain types of makeup for certain things different kinds of makeup for different skin types. The ignorant guys (and some girls) out there that say girls wear makeup to look better or for attention or cause they're ugly. In some cases that is true. But for most women/girls and now even some men/boys they wear makeup because they simply love the art and how beautiful it can truly be.
Girl1: Hey where did you get that makeup?
Girl 2: Oh I got my mascara from Sephora, My liner from Ulta and my powder from Mac. My makeup artist did my makeup today though.
by urbanndicktionaryy July 06, 2016
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Gels, liquids, and powders applied to the face. These include, but are not limited to lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation and the like. Prices range from a few dollars to fifty dollars and up depending on the brand. They are used to express oneself, but some people believe that they actually need to wear cosmetics to look "pretty". A tip: Less is more. FYI, if one takes care of their skin, they won't need to wear any makeup.
Her makeup looks so thick!
by IckyKat February 11, 2011
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