the term you used before every command when you were younger to make it seem like you weren't the belligerent bully you were.
Mia: we can play together!
Mary: how about no.

Mia: ok.
by miromine March 18, 2018
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A response of disapproval given after someone suggests something that you absolutely don't want to do or don't agree with
Me: What do you want to do over break?
Abbie: How about we go skydiving without parachutes?
Me: How about no?
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Put any sport team at the end.Used when conversations have died. about them yankees?
by Liquidmaycry June 10, 2005
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Used as a diversion to a conversation in attempt to change a subject when it gets awkward.
Person 1: Awesome night last night
Person 2: Yeah was heaps fun, especially that part when you fell over on the d floor
Person 1: Hhahahaa yeah how embarrassing, not as bad as you mackin on with that fugly guy
Person 2: Yeah so how about that weather?
by pumagirl March 17, 2011
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An open invitation for sex. Also, "how 'bout a roo?", for faster answers...
How about a roo?
That would be nice.

How bout a roo?
Never thought you'd ask..
by Ubermayo April 9, 2006
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