A person you whom you whimsically or unexpectedly interact with, and you do something uncalculated, unplanned or promiscuous.
Dude: "Who did you go home with after the party?"
Other dude: "Meh, some random."
by Irisimo August 17, 2004
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Some Random Guy has currently got the second highest level on the Better Vanilla Building discord server.
by Some Random Guy 455 April 20, 2022
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Tom: Hey Bill, what are you doing tonite?

Bill: Nothing really, i might go rawdog some randoms though.
by jgoober October 11, 2010
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(v.) To have sex with random girls, drunk or sober. Usually associated sorority girls or fraternity guys (See Sorostitutes)
Guy 1: "My slampiece caught me rawdoggin some randoms in my dorm"
Guy 2: "What happened?"
Guy 1: "She said she couldn't believe me. I said I couldn't believe my sandwhich wasn't ready yet. TFM"
by Fratasaurus Rx December 2, 2010
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something out of the norm
random ranga chick: can i borrow some make up??

Stacey: WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU...???

random ranga chick: "oh... i'm just some random..."

(laughing...) BEST RANDOM MOMENT EVER!...
by some random bitches May 4, 2009
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some random ass kid
some random ass kid
by some random ass kid January 25, 2022
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1.) The act of grinding on every piece of pussy that walks through the doors.
2.) See raw doggin'
3.) See randoms
Fred: What do you wanna do tonight, bro?

John: Let's go raw doggin' some randoms dude!
by da. Business July 10, 2010
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