Pertaining to fiction.

Not entirely founded in real life. Not just conjecture, but also fantasy.
The Bible is largely fictitious.

Most 13 y.o. boys have a fictitious foot-long shlong.
by A. Penner February 27, 2010
Damn boi! That girl has some fictitious titties. She needs some 3D modelling.
by PABLO CHOCOBAR March 22, 2020
Literally no one can identify the difference between the word "fictitious," and "fictional."
**No one fucking knows.**
Generally used to pronounce one's vocabulary.
Teacher: "Today, we are going to be reading a fictitious novel."

Student: "What does the word 'fictitious,' mean?"
Teacher: "It's a synonym for the word 'fictional'."
Student: "What's the difference between the two words?"
Teacher: **"No one fucking knows"**
by The Deer Leader May 26, 2017
The dynamics of false conclusions made by individuals or groups.
The persons worldview was based on a fictitious assumption paradigm.

Fictitious assumption paradigms often exist in complex problems and pattern recognition.

Americans often hold fictitious assumption paradigms about foreign countries and leaders because they never travel.
by Ontological June 24, 2018