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Professor of linguistics at MIT. Best known for extreme-left/anarchist critiques of US policy that tend to be angry, sarcastic and offensive to many. Not a Marxist despite what the above definition states. Respected almost universally as a linguist as he revolutionized the field in the 60's. HATED as policy critic by virtually every non-leftist. Also has spoken and written on many other topics. Most cited intellectual alive and 7th most cited intellectual ever (between Frued, 6th and Hegel, 8th). Hero of 14 year old radicals everywhere.
Noam Chomsky should just stick to linguistics.
by J June 26, 2003

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Why so many Democrats are just plain ugly.
The entire Baldwin family.
by J March 22, 2005

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Over sized person who has no understanding of the term "intelligence" and also enjoys the company of farm animals.
Spry went to the farm
by J April 03, 2003

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The act of slamming your cock up someones rump from behind
Yo nigga, I crumped that sloppy bitch fo an hour last night!
by J January 31, 2005

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One with a shaved head, tight jeans, boots, and who cannot fight on his own. They usually go around in large groups beating up younger kids or people in smaller numbers.
The word skinhead is almost an oxy-moron. When you see one, there are usually ten more standing behind you.
by J January 23, 2004

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another word for good, especially when talking about clothes an event or gear. usually used with well.
this roll iz well cush.
did you see her coat? cor its well cush.
you feeling ok? yeah mush, im cush
by j December 06, 2003

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a film that's watched by those who will never get any pussy.
Anyone who actually loves this movie is a virgin.
by J February 26, 2003

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