Short for "stressed out my mind" when you feel like you can't cope with life. Also when you have more adrenaline, cortisol and caffeine running through your veins than blood.
"I've got hundreds of assignments, no money, my car has broken down, my best friend has disowned me and I've lost my keys. I'm completely stressed out right now"
by durdledoor May 15, 2014
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The song by tøp that made it on the radio. Hipsters that listened to tøp before they got popular hate the song because it's too mainstream.
Omg I can't believe how mainstream tøp is getting. People these days only listen to Stressed Out
by Leafyisdad69 April 26, 2016
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When one is stressed to such a limit that they become weakand it will take time to recover from the stress.
Person#1 - That guy is such a stress-out
Person#2 - I know he's making me weak as well
by Bradley Shorter September 10, 2006
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Every time you ask a so called twenty one pilots fan what their favourite song is. They will always say stressed out, heathens or Ride.
Actual fan: What's your favourite tøp song?
So called fan: Gotta be stressed out.
Actual fan: Kill yourself
by Granny basher 6ix9ine July 9, 2018
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Wish we could turn back time to the good old days when our momma sang us to sleep, but now we’re stressed out
by Blurryface_fan December 26, 2022
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i avinash am i stressed out cunt desperate for pussy. Im so stressed out my stress is stressed. I am also a gay man.
by dasilencer7007 February 12, 2018
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