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A word that has become popular that originated in the NorCal area.

Hella means "very" as in "It's hella hot in here!"

The word has spread, which is ironic because it sounds incredibly hickish (and likely has hick roots, with all of the Okies that moved to NorCal during and after the Depression).

Hella is not a word that people from outside of the Bay Area should be using, unless they actually want to sound like hicks.
Blonde girl: "I'm hella horny. Maybe I should say yes to the first guy that approaches me."

Brunnette: Oh god. You sound hella desperate.
by Varrioso August 16, 2012
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Hella. Originated from the streets of San Francisco in the Hunters Point neighborhood. It is commonly used in place of "really" or "very" when describing something.
The Fillmore is hella better than the Mission.

Thank God LA is hella far away.
by TeknoTurd May 27, 2004
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A multi-purpose word invented by people in north california, indigenous to the Bay Area.

Adjective: To describe a lot of something or something good.

Noun: A lot of

Adverb: Suplemental, inferrs a great quantity or that you're doing something and DOING IT RIGHT!

Interjection: An affirmation of what someone just said
Adjective: This party is hella chill.

Noun: I have hella.

Adverb: The Bay areais fuckin hella better than socal

Interjection: Nicole: Dude that shit was off tha hook
Jaime: hella!
by Jaime Portocarrero January 05, 2004
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Derived from "hell of a lot". Similar to "very, really, a lot," etc.

Used mostly in Northern California though has been heard in other parts of CA and even in the media such as an infamous "hella" South Park episode. (Cartman used it outside of its meaning to annoy Kyle.)
Before: There's a hell of a lot of beer in that fridge.

After: There's hella beer in that fridge.

As "very" or "really":

"That's hella far away!"
by Dirty Frank January 26, 2005
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The real name for the country of Greece.
Mean, stone of Sun.
Hellas is country, Hellins the residents.
by iMarios January 02, 2007
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very, totally; lots of

N.B. Generally used in Northern California.
1. That party was hella sketch. What with all those skanky-ass girls.
2. There was HELLA weed tho!
by NorCAL all the way March 01, 2003
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