Option that is chosen automatically for user, out of the box.
example 1: Internet Explorer is default browser in Windows
example 2: default settings suck in Firefox!
example 3: first thing you need to do is to get rid of default settings.
by name used whatever October 12, 2011
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The first picture in myspace that you see from another user among their display name
Dude did you see Stacy's latest default? She posted it last night!
Yeah man! but i think its about time you update yours...
by *Brendan Hottie* November 5, 2007
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a slur used against heterosexual people
ok stfu default
by larskrabje February 5, 2021
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a picture that is or should be made into a profile picture on social networking websites.
Girl 1: "What do you think of this picture?"
Girl 2: "You look gorgeous, default baby."
by gigiapple June 26, 2010
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That which occurs when one does not make a choice. N00bs usually think it's supposed to be that way because no one bothered to tell them they had a choice.
sWindles installs some really lame screensavers by default.

"Don't you use PayOhHell? How else can you get online?"
by Downstrike December 1, 2004
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a class band from canada(i think). best songs include deny, slow me down, live a lie and wasting my time.
default were good live when i saw them
by j July 18, 2004
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