To express a deep understanding with the subject/topic/perspetive at hand.
Friend1: "Last night i had the deepest spiritual revelation. now I finally understand what it means to exist"

Friend2: "Heard!"
by 50 Stephanie March 17, 2006
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Resteraunt terminology to confirm that the previous statement has been recognized or understood.
"86 the cheeseburger" says the chef to the waiter, who responds "86 cheese burger, heard" (86 means you are out of something)
by IZZO the homeless February 15, 2018
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An affirmative reply to a statement or comment
wasn't my baby but, it got named after me
Friend: Heard
Actual Father: Word
Mother: Heard
by jackedupdonkeyballs May 10, 2016
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You did not hear me, you heard me.
I have heard what you have been saying to me.
by doodxor July 22, 2003
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A piece of human feces left on a bed.
"She pinched a heard."
by Girlie420 April 24, 2022
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heard is a very slutty type person who spreads obscene rumors cuz he/she has no life and wants more than anything to have a kid of his/her own so people beleive that someone acctually have sex with him/her, a heard also has fake boobs with stretch marks all over them, and most of the time a heard will have a huge nose.But there is always hope for a heard.
by helptheworld70 October 15, 2006
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If you have a sore head and a broken heart it means you are heard. It is a mixture of the two words.

Head + Heart = Heard
Ben Hudson (see gayby) has a broken heart and a sore head, he is heard.
by Gaylord_Focker January 28, 2005
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