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anyone who know's anything about "emo" knows that emocore is just a longer way of saying emo...
it's the exact same thing and anyone who thinks A Static Lullaby and The Used are "emo" should be shot in the neck..
emo is short for emocore which is short for emotional hardcore..
by j October 10, 2004
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When two guys double team a girl, and their dinkies touch.
Kasey and Mike even-steven'd your mom last night.
by j July 17, 2003
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To speak freely in an inappropriate situation. Rarely found in dictionaries.
The interview for the teaching position at the girls' high school was not the place for Paul to exeleutherostomize.
by j April 18, 2005
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something Steve wishes he could be but can only emulate by sitting at his computer late at night.
Steve only can imagine what fun antivirginity is.
by j August 13, 2003
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two words, Car and Funky...
when two people, mainly me and a hot chick, are in a car, and we decide to get funky, usualy from this unstable turn of events the world goes into a state of equilibrius implonation and the whole of mankind hear a loud noise sounding something like pathump
hot chick' ooh J ur so good
J' yer we gotta get Caunky more often
hot chick'~Pathump Pathump~
by j April 1, 2005
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The network to watch the best fiction TV shows...aka 60 Minutes.
Wow, Dan Rather tell the whole truth!
by j September 29, 2004
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