perfectly is the word perfect, but a person with no correct grammar adds an -ly to it.
"Sally, the ham fits perfectly on that sandwich."
by sssammyyybbabyyy May 03, 2009
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Acceptance that nobody can be perfect, everyone has their flaws yet they embrace them, allow them to come to terms with their mistakes yet not allow them to define them.
"I am perfectly flawed"

"I am content and happy just being me"
by SpecialJ233 May 13, 2013
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when someone has strong feelings for you they may tell you that you're "perfectly imperfect" basically saying that they accept your flaws, they like you enough that they see past your insecurities, a way of saying that you're perfect to them.
girl: I hate my hair, nose, laugh, etc.
I'm not perfect
guy: I love all those things about you, you're perfectly imperfect
by teamandrea October 16, 2013
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People who have been victimized, hurt, lied to, abused, injured, harmed, used by people or life's situations & circumstances.

They have experienced the ills of life, yet have not allowed them to cause a negative result in their life. They have chosen to allow these experiences to have a positive & effectual working in their lives. They may be victimized, but refuse to be victims.
Bill went through a terrible viscous divorce. He was used & abused. He chose to grow into a better man as a result. He is PERFECTLY FLAWED

Anti-type. Christy was abused as a child. It has controlled her entire life. She is flawed.
by JoeKazula March 26, 2011
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Two words describing one result in a persons life.

Perfectly Flawed-cracked, dinted, bruised, hurt, victimized, yet not causing in a negative result, but a positative one. The bad or negative things that happen to perfectly flawed persons results in their growth & betterment. Their experiences lead them closer to perfection.
Hollis was badly victimized, yet he refused to be a victim. He is perfectly flawed.

Christy was abused. She was victimized. She chose to be a victim & allowed it to dominate her entire life. She is not perfectly flawed, just flawed.
by RockyBaboon March 20, 2011
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To have the silkiest, smoothest, shiniest, most luscious brunette hair in the world. As we all know, brunettes are smarter than blonds, as well as funnier, wittier, sexier, and all around better. Thus, leading to the phrase "Perfectly Brunette."
blond- "Hahahahahaha! Wow! I am having so much fun being a total whore!
brunette- "Wow, you know, you really ARE stupid."
blond- "OMG! IK, RITE???"
brunette- "If you were awesome, like me, you could have a shot at being Perfectly Brunette."
blond- "What?"
by the ORIGINAL brunette April 24, 2009
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