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The ideal frequency for those who indulge in marijuana to do so. Not to be confused with the chronological "every day", which can be generalized to any situation.
Fuck yeah! 420 Smoke weed everyday!

I wake up every day, then smoke weed everyday!
by LicensesToStone May 29, 2009
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A catch all word to describe anything that is basic, uncool or untrendy. According to The New York Times, "cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) can be used, broadly, to describe someone who is out of date or trying too hard."

Things that are cheugy:

The New York Times
PT Cruisers


Addison Rae
White people

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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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Everyday is dedicated to all the tall people out there who have short friends. They are allowed to slap and do anything they want because being short is much better and easier. Tall people deserve more!!!
Short friend: “ugh I hate how I’m so short”
Tall friend *rolls eyes*

Short friend: “I wish I was tall everyday”
Tall friend *slap slap slap* “no you don’t.”
Short friend: I guess...

Tall friend: *leaves room”
by smileyfries October 30, 2019
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When someone agrees with someone fully
Quenijah: I love what you have on Ayanna!
Ayanna: Everyday!
by Lulturquoise March 08, 2019
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everyday noun, adj. pronoun means disappointment or frustration of a situation or person
Sheila, I was having my braids done with Ashley (for the last twenty years I have been her client at the salon) and after sitting there for over 9 hours my hair looks worse than when I came in! EVERYDAY! or/ My husband expects me to cook his dinner at midnight after seeing his friends viewing football! EVERYDAY! I am so disgusted and feel used and tired because he never does anything for me!
by SUSAN VOLKOFF September 12, 2018
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