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what was described here earlier as dating culture. I can totally relate. its uncomfortable being forced into a game where both participants kind of apply to rules that they think are valid and true because we are taught to believe so. like, who defines how and why two people come together? so we make a shortterm effort in using nice flattering words, smile even if we don't feel like it, invest in flowers and food and hope we win? and thats it? we return to our lives telling our friends that "its official guys, he posted it on facebook" and fail to see that the real connection our souls are craving is not found in trying to be liked but in being true to yourself and being accepted.
"I don't want to date you. Our first date was horrible. It felt like a game. All i want is to calm down a little from the madness of modern life."
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by genderfluid ladybug April 18, 2019
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An exclamation made when your friends or family are teasing you to a point where you can't handle it anymore and a hissy fit is in order.

Derived from a YouTube user's famed outburst following Britney's lackluster performance at the 2007 VMA's.
Sarah: 'OMG Susan, I can't believe you are wearing the same skirt as yesterday. Oh, and by the way, EVERYONE knows what you did with Kevin on the weekend. Plus you look a little fat, are you retaining water?'

by Billy Chickenhole September 15, 2007
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Descriptive of the increasingly large number of people who do not conform to the traditional values of man + woman = ok. Modern People tend towards being attracted to their own sex, or even both, in which case they are considered to be Thoroughly Modern People.

Symptoms of Modernity include overly tight/baggy clothes (boys/girls respectively), visible underwear, and publically being amorous with a member of the same sex.

Term was initially invented in the Birmingham area of the UK as a means of talking about suspected Modern People in close proximity without the subjects being aware of what was being discussed. Its growing popularity is rendering it useless in this regard.

See also: Modern People, Special Friends, or the short forms MP and SF
person A: modern alert!
person B: where?
person A: over yonder *points*
person B: haha modern as fuck mate
by Ev0 November 27, 2005
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Modern, in this respect, suggests a person, commonly a female, and more commonly of Sino-Asian lineage, who accepts, or at least doesn't readily condemn, Western ideals as they pertain to sociability, relationships, sex, and so on.
Often spoken in contrast to the more closed-minded, Traditional type.
Suzie is a modern Chinese girl. She's discovered the pleasures of sensuality, is open-minded about sex BEFORE love, and enjoys casual dating.
by Tom Laoshi July 27, 2005
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Someone who lives life on the forefront of high-fashion, exploring the nature of man (and man's body) with the appreciation of a woman.
I think that's the bassist's boyfriend, I've heard he's a bit modern.
by Johnny Luke March 07, 2007
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Describes one who is open to participating in free, positive, erotic expression with multiple partners of either sex; a festive environment where open sexuality is enjoyed and encouraged; orgiastic behaviour. Usually refers to the openly sexual enjoyments of a hip, bohemian or patrician class of people.
The Bay Area and L.A. have a large Modern community who enjoy frolicking wildly at Modern parties. "There's a hot Modern party happening on Saturday night." "I'd love to play with you, but I'm not feeling very Modern right now."
by Myste November 07, 2006
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