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A hypothesis proposed by some that states the earth is hollow and may have people or tiny suns inside of it. Jules Verne used this idea in a story of his, The Journey to the Center of the Earth (sorry I can't italicize on this phone).
Others believe were on the inside of the earth and outer space is inner space. However its proved that space is expanding so that's debunked.
Jon believes the earth is hollow on the inside, so he is an adhereant to the hollow earth hypothesis.
by happyatcommonsense March 9, 2015
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1. Some early human group with ape like heads and used fire, stone tools, and very likely could speak.

They are NOT Neanderthals, even though they had the eyebrow ridge and bigger jaws thing going on.
1. These Homo Erectus humans might've interbred with early Homo Sapiens, and they lasted for a million years.
by happyatcommonsense December 4, 2017
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A hypothetical time period when humans didn't use stone as their main tools.
Also a stage of cultural development where no one uses stone tools.
The botocudo Indians of south america used absolutely no stone implements at all, rather their tools were fashioned from bamboo and plant fibers. Because of the lack of stone useage, they were in the wood age, even lower than the Paleolithic.
by happyatcommonsense March 7, 2015
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A stove that is used to heat a house with wood as it's fuel source. Can be made out of tin, steel, cast iron, etc.
A wood heater heats my house.
by happyatcommonsense March 7, 2015
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Old earth creationism is a branch of creationism that holds to much of the secular dates assigned to the earth. Many hold to the day age idea that the creation days (Hebrew yom) could be eons or so of time. They reject macroevolution, particularly darwinian, and state that all creatures, including tiktallik, were either created by God or microevolved .
He adheres to old earth creationism.
by happyatcommonsense January 25, 2015
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Someone who claims to shoot something or someone, like a school, and not do it.
I knew a guy who was a false shooter, and got a felon at 18.
by happyatcommonsense February 28, 2019
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A piece of metal used to fasten a strap such as a belt or a shoe strap.
That Pilgrim's shoes have shiny buckles on them.
by happyatcommonsense April 5, 2015
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