this nigga buckled at the foul line wit 2 seconds left and airballed it
by Griff July 2, 2004
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The act of releasing vile waste.
Be careful, Kyle just Buckled in there.
by Ace February 17, 2005
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hey how much are those jeans?
78 bucks
holy crap! how much is that shirt?
35 bucks
holy crap!
by baby June 17, 2004
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To trip over by accident i.e over a curb.
"Oh, he buckled and cracked his neck"
by Devang June 19, 2006
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"to buckle"

To get down to business, to study. Usually used by students who have felt their academic performance to be sub-par.
"I've got to buckle, Iana. Next semester I've got eight classes - all in calculus."

"To hell with buckling, I need to party!"
by SonyaW December 25, 2007
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To leave or give-up when losing an online game (For Eg. Counter-Strike). Can also refer to real life going home early on a night out or to give up at something.
Jesus christ i was pwning a noob and he fucking did a buckle
by BuckleZ May 31, 2007
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