The idea that two centuries of consistent scientific data by thousands of logical minds is wrong and that Earth and life were not created by a causal chain of events but by an infinitely knowing, loving and powerful--yet seemingly indecisive and possibly bipolar--deity in less than a week. Its strongest argument is its compelling assertion that if you don't believe in it, you'll go to Hell with everyone Jerry Falwell finds personally distasteful and you'll all roast for eternity while demons gangrape you with white-hot tridents.
Jack Chick said science is just as evil as Catholics and Jews, and that's why I believe in creationism.
by Teflon Don March 31, 2004
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The belief that you know more about science than an actual scientist.
I think creationism is a fact and evolution is JUST A THEORY. Kind of like how the Sears tower is JUST a little bigger than a phone booth.
by The Bad Guy February 4, 2007
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The belief that ALL lifeforms on earth magically appeared in, literally, a couple of days.
Did you see the movie creationism? It has the wildest FX but, geez! Totally unrealistic story! A waste of money if you ask me!
by J October 17, 2003
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The modern equivalent of a geocentric universe. Science proves irrefutably that causal, linear events led up to the ecosystem we see today. Since this idea just so happens to go against Christian doctrine, it is condemned by many Christians, who put forth a pseudoscience known as creationism, or intelligent design, in response.

Creationism is non-scientific, as there is no way to test it using empirical data. Many creationists see perceived flaws in evolutionary theory as proof that creationism is true and provable. This is not true because

1.The so-called flaws are rooted in the misunderstanding or ignoring of the mechanics of evolution. Arguments such as "irreducible complexity" illustrate that creationists do not understand the process of evolution. Evolution is yet to be discredited in the scientific community, where it is accepted universally.

2.Disproving one theory does not make another theory any more credible. Even though theory A may have been disproved, theory B still must make its case based on sound scientific data.

Creationists also believe that the world is in the order of 6,000 years old, which can easily be disproved with radiometric dating. Creationists say that this technology is inaccurate, but have no proof of this whatsoever. Creationists also use the argument "Evolution is just a theory." All that this argument does is show that they don't understand what a scientific theory is.

Debunking creationism (by virtue of exposing the fallacy of the "young Earth" theory) is very easy. Any high school student has the capability to do so. Scientists do not waste their time even addressing it at this point, as there has never been so much as a single piece of evidence in support of it. Those who claim to be creation scientists are not scientists at all, as they cannot apply the scientific method to their theories.
Jill: The theory of evolution is just that -- a theory. It's yet to be proven in any way.
James: Gravity is just a theory, too. You should really read a book sometime. Besides the bible.

Hugh: God created the Earth 6,000 years ago with the entire ecosystem completely intact as we see it today.
Al: Um, dinosaur?
Hugh: Put there by the devil to deceive us.

Jenny: If evolution is true, how come we've stopped evolving?
Sally: Evolution takes place over long periods of time. You can't see it in your lifetime. We are still evolving.
Jenny: That's just stupid. You'll believe anything they tell you.

Will: Evolution is proven to be false by the gaps in the fossil record. In fact, the fossil record does more to disprove evolution than anything else. This proves creationism to be true.
Ben: Where did you hear that? We know that the ancestors of all sea mammals are land mammals. We can see where homo sapien and neanderthal split off on two separate paths. You're just parroting what some wacky creationist said on TV, aren't you?
Will: At least I'll spend the rest of forever in eternal bliss. You're going to hell. What good will your evolution do you then?
Ben: :P

Billy: So, now that I have proven that your crackpot evolution theory is wrong, you must accept my theory as true. My theory is that a giant potato-beast named pot-thak-to dreamed the universe one night 50 years ago and it came to be.
Alice: Good point. Which way to his temple?
by SmashCrab March 14, 2008
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One of three possible ideas

1. Old Earth creationism - the belief that the origins of earth are divine in nature, yet do not contradict with any scientific findings.

2. Young Earth creationism - the belief that the word of the Bible, or any similar holy book, is literal and that the world was created in about six thousand years. This belief basically says that any testable data showing that the world is older than six thousand years is wrong. Frequently deals with faith more than science, and when science is invoked, it is typically misused or misinterpreted.

3. intelligent design
1. If one were to suppose that, to God, a day is more than twenty-four hours (which is possible because the sun was not created until the fourth day), then one could say that the Bible does not contradict scientific findings.

2. When a fake plaster cast of a human footprint next to a dinosaur's was used jokingly as a cover for a book by the late Stephen J. Gould, a staunch pro-evolutionist, creationists lauded the use as proof that scientists believe in creationism, and that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, whereas in reality, almost no paleobiologists believe so.
by Ryan Griffin December 1, 2005
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The belief that the Christian God created the Earth and everything in it. There are two stories (chapters one and two of Genesis in the Bible.) Recently, this has been a hot topic for debating whether if it should be taught in schools. Most creationists merge the first half of chapter one, and the second half of chapter two to create what they think should be taught in schools, but really, they should just pick one story and stick with it.
(creationist) Evolution is the work of the devil. Creationism should be taught in schools!
(non-ignorant person) Oh really? Which version?
(creationist) What do you mean which version? The one in the bilbe mother fucking Satanist cock sucking piece of shit.
(non-ignorant perso) Chapters one and two are two TOTALLY different versions.
(creationist) Uhmm... Gay marriage is the devil!
(non-ignorant person) ...
by InjusticeForAll November 13, 2005
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Lies, fairytales, bullshit.
Person A: I believe in creationism.
Person B: You are a retard.
by Pao August 31, 2007
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