A firearm- Usually a handgun or revolver. This term came from the 30's mafia/gangster times. When continually fired, the barrel would get very warm- hence the name heater.
"Before we go out tonight, do you got your heater?"
Don't mess with her, she's got a heater.
by g-dog adt March 11, 2011
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means gun. usually a 9mm or anyother pistol. mad popular by book "native son"
let me pull out my heater and roll on these bustas
by carribean saint January 11, 2005
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Like a banger only deeper!
That new Tchami song is such a heater.
Yea I know right its so deep I need a submarine.
by estevez17 February 18, 2015
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I believe in common usage that heater is a term now applied to all firearms, not only fully automatic firearms.
by jgpixfed October 20, 2003
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A ritualistic male bonding event consisting of complete and total inebriation, drugs, intercourse with various Women, and disregard for law. Usually lasting 2 nights and resulting in bankruptcy, divorce, arrests, annulments, and break-ups.
Damn bruh, that heater this weekend really fucked my life up!
by J to the M April 30, 2012
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Gambling term refers to winning lots of money in a short period of time. Heater(s) means 4 or 5 digit wins or payouts gambling in a few days or a few weeks.
Last week I went on one of my insane heaters playing poker online. I started with $200 and worked it up to $3500 in 3 days playing No Limit Holdem.
by TheRealJayZ July 03, 2010
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