Indicates favorably the arrival of a person, thing or idea to any location.
Ladies and gentlemen, get up on your feet and make some noise because BOBBY BROWN is in the house.

(In this example, a music venue or television studio acts as the metaphorical "house")
by Mo Douglas December 18, 2011
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A laudatory term describing someone who is performing their particular task or form of entertainment particularly well.
"I could have skipped Maroon 5, honestly, but Counting Crows was in the HOUSE. I'm telling you, man."

"Another three-pointer? Bro's in the house tonight!"

"Rudy, don't quit now. I'm serious. You were doing so well, you were in the house!"
by Gamaliel87 August 26, 2008
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A building or room allocated for the playing of house music. No poon is allowed
Man, Jack was doing some crazy shit in the house house!
by leeegs May 1, 2011
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1) termiknowledge used to express one's agreement, acceptance of something
2) termiknowledge used to express praise of something.

Other real estate termiknowledge can be used in the place of House House (Duplex, Houses, Igloo Igloo).
Example 1

Person 1: Should've seen me at Cranston Lanes last night. I was throwing some rocks..... Got 3 strikes in a row, wild turkey, baby!!!!!

Person 2: House House!!!!!

Example 2

Person 1: Hey where's the nearest Dunkin' Donuts?????

Person 2: Alright, let me see. Do you know where Reservior Ave Burger King is?????

Person 1: House House.

Person 2: Well it's right across the street, bitch.

Example 3

Bonds' 2002 season was some Century 21 bullshit, muthafucka. Dude was off the fuckin' charts..... Houses to Bonds.
by benpedro October 4, 2003
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"Not in THIS house" is a phrase used to let someone know that whatever they're doing/saying is highly inappropriate. Often used in a joking manner.
Tommy is saying goodnight to his girlfriend at his parents house. An act which his parents mistake for him having sex. His mom pulls him aside and yells "Not in THIS house!"

John: "Dude your sister is so hot!"
Jack: "Not in THIS house!"
by jdizzledinmypants January 18, 2009
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"Here, Jim. You got divorced? Have a beer. On the house."
by Krys September 17, 2003
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